College Planning and Strategic admissions coaching

Are you using the right strategy when it comes to planning for college? 

Let us guide your child through their high school career and help your child strategize their best profile on college applications.

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Tutoring and Academic coaching

  • Tutoring: Our team of tutors can help your student with extra support in various academic subjects:
          • AP Courses
          • Computer Science
          • Writing
          • Math
          • Sciences: Chemistry, Biology
          • Spanish
          • French
          • History
          • SAT 
  • Writing Workshops: We help build your child’s writing skills, and help channel your child’s creativity and passion into words.
  • Acting Workshops: Do you have a budding actor at home? Enhance and build their theatrical skills through acting games and practical exercises in our acting and drama workshop.

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What Sets Us Apart

We have a personalized strategic approach, leveraging data and personal assessments.

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