college admissions services

A Starting Line specializes in college admissions services and academic tutoring.

Working with us starting in the freshman and/or sophomore year of high school includes planning for summer projects/internships/activities that support the student’s target profile, interests, and strengths.

We also take the time to learn your child’s learning style and help advise on class selection recommendations for junior year:

  • Help identify and maximize opportunities for activities that not only will foster your child’s creativity and learning but will also set them apart from other applicants, and be a great addition to their high school resume (the resume does eventually get uploaded to the Common App college applications platform).  Now that test scores have become optional, colleges are placing more importance on other parts of the application process beyond grades, namely: activities, essays, and teacher recommendations.
  • Start to develop a high school resume.
  • Help assess learning styles and work styles for better success in completing academic work and extra curriculars.
  • Help strategize or advise on classes for subsequent years, keeping in mind a balanced load that’s challenging enough but still will make a great academic experience.
  • Help plan for testing, help with managing tasks, and (if necessary) test prep.
  • Help track and weigh potential activities for summer between freshman and sophomore year, and between sophomore and junior year.

Our Junior/Senior package includes comprehensive coaching:

  • Help to polish the high school résumé—a record of all accomplishments, activities, leadership roles, honors, and work experience.
  • Strategize on a testing plan and (if necessary) test prep.
  • Help strategize or advise on classes for Senior year keeping in mind a balanced load that’s challenging enough but support a great academic experience.
  • Help plan and identify opportunities for college visits (whether in-person or virtual).
  • Help research appropriate colleges and advise on important factors to consider.
  • Develop the appropriate target college list and develop strategy for admission.
  • Develop an impactful high school resume.
  • Strategize and develop profiles for admissions at target colleges.
  • Advise on strategy for different admissions programs (early decision vs early admissions vs regular decision).
  • Track and project manage the college admission application process from start to finish.
  • Help with completing the Common Application process for all colleges on the target list.
  • All necessary essay coaching, writing, editing for Common App Personal Statement and all supplemental essays where necessary.
  • Review for completion and correctness of application submissions.
  • Coaching for admissions interviews.
  • Guidance and help on final college acceptance selection and enrollment confirmation.

Flexible for Your Needs

We understand that sometimes you need specialized help.

Contact us today for more details, to get a free quote on our services or to schedule a complimentary 30-minute introductory appointment.



  • Academic Tutoring: Our team of tutors can help your student with extra support in various academic subjects:
          • Writing, including creative writing
          • Math
          • Science
          • Spanish
          • History 
  • Writing Workshops: We help build your child’s writing skills, and help channel your child’s creativity and passion into words.
  • Acting Workshops: Do you have a budding actor at home? Enhance and build their theatrical skills through acting games and practical exercises in our acting and drama workshop. 
  • Innovation Workshops: Students work as a team on creative ideation for the purpose of innovation or working towards solving some of the biggest challenges in the world.