Did you know that A Starting Line can help students with learning differences get into the right private school or college?

We are excited to introduce Nicole Locher, who is joining our team and bringing her expertise in helping students with learning differences navigate the academic space. She has two neurodiverse students of her own (one of which is happily and successfully navigating college) and is the Co-Founder and Chair of the Dyslexia Parents Group of Lexington, MA, supporting parents with children with language based learning differences.

The college planning process itself can be very overwhelming. When you have a student who has a learning difference or is neurodivergent, there are additional criteria you have to consider. Many schools, colleges, and universities have excellent Academic Support Services and Accommodation Services for students with learning differences.  But how do you know which ones would be the right fit for your student?

Whether it’s for private high-school, college, or university, we at A Starting Line have the tools, resources, and the expertise to help you through the admission planning and application process.

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Nicole Locher

College Application Strategist Specializing in Students with Learning Differences